Wednesday, September 3, 2014


       A short while ago, I took my youthful daughter to one of the “finest” restaurants in Spartanburg, South Carolina, a venerable house in the middle of town. While I have no large complaint against the eatery itself, I do have a beef about a group of clients that picked that particular night to grace the establishment. A special occasion was ruined by some of the foulest conversation I have heard outside of a beer joint. We couldn’t leave fast enough to avoid the banter.

Picture this: linen tablecloths, servitors offering quality selections, low lighting, gracious atmosphere – an expensive meal reserved for the most special of events – and then WHAM! In comes a group of eight well-dressed men, probably salespeople for their company judging by the hints they so boisterously spilled onto the surrounding tables, but definitely representing a large business concern. They began to loudly discuss their greatest sexual conquests, the most fantastic nights of their lives while either married or unmarried, the topless encounters in other States where such debauchery is legal, whores they had visited once upon a time. I called for the check, debating whether to say something to the management as we made our escape. Perhaps I was just plain chicken not to make a stink then and there, but to create a scene in front of my daughter? No, I decided to flee instead.

While I am not a prig, I do know what common table manners are. My ears burned as I looked into my daughter’s innocent eyes, as I saw the horror on the faces of other women nearby, and felt extremely low as a male of the species. How could such “gentlemen” find it in themselves to speak so foully, without even the excuse of being inebriated, in an establishment such as this? I ask you – where have our manners gone?

If it were possible to have determined their corporate sponsor, that name would appear everywhere I could find that would print it. As I have said before, sales representatives are ambassadors for their companies. How they act in public directly affects not only their reputation, but that of their employer. The main difference between a good corporate representative and a bad one is MANNERS!

Now, this particular “fine” food joint happens to be managed by a woman. I noticed she had a ringside seat to this conversation too, as she spoke with another female patron only a few feet away. The truck I have with her is why didn’t she ask those rude men to change their subject or leave? It would have been the proper thing to do in order to protect her other clientele and maintain the high level of service this restaurant is purportedly known for. Did she hold silent because it would have meant the loss of around three hundred dollars profit that night? Do we compromise our moral standards based on money? I suspect she kept her tongue for just such reasons.

Where can one go these days to avoid such uncouth etiquette, especially on the part of professional corporate representatives who should know better, behavior usually experienced in low-life barrooms? These days, parents raise their children to disrespect everything around them, especially other people and property. School systems fail to uphold the decorum once demanded by all institutes of higher learning. No amount of money seems to be enough to get us out of this morass, as evidenced by the mega-bucks I laid out as I hastily left this posh establishment.

If this incident were unique, I suppose I would have no grounds to be offended. A onetime occurrence is not quite the same as daily vulgarity, however. The fact is proper manners have been all but dispensed with in every facet of our lives. I see it at my children’s school, in the movies, on television, in the papers. The list goes on.

Maybe I’m expecting too much of professional representatives by suggesting they adhere to a high standard of morality. Certainly it follows that if a salesperson would be openly foul in a quality restaurant, then said salesperson would be suspect when dealing with clientele? I think it does. Do you?

Friday, June 14, 2013

Boy Scouts Bite The Dust


On my honor, I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.

I posit this question: How can a gay Boy Scout be a Boy Scout, especially since he/she will take an oath to be morally straight? As a lifelong Boy Scout, I would also like to know why gays simply don't start their own scouting program? Oh, I thought that the gay rights agenda did not include attempts to coerce children to become gay. I contend that boys in the Scouting program should not be subjected to sexual pressures - they are not yet ready. Forcing them to confront sexual issues within the program is a form of coercion. Deviated life style instruction has no place in the Scouting program.

Let's not forget, too, that the Scouting program starts with Tiger Cubs, progresses to Cub Scouts, transitions to Webelos, then graduates to Boy Scouts. We're talking about kids ranging from kindergarten to high school! You can't tell me that a six-year-old boy understands, or cares, what sexual orientation he is.

As a former Scout leader, I never even considered discussing sexual issues, mainly because it was not part of what is being taught, nor was is it my business. We focused on things like teamwork, camping, scientific study, animal husbandry, among hundreds of other subjects having nothing to do with human sex. Eleven to eighteen years of age is already the most tumultuous period of a boy's life without having tossing in sexual pressures, especially within an institution designed to focus on every other aspect of life. It is the parent's job to insure that his or her child is properly instructed at the appropriate time in the child's life about the Birds and the Bees - not a Boy Scout leader's!

Gays have always been a part of the Scouting program anyway, and every other program - simply "in the closet." I have never witnessed an incident in a Scout troop surrounding sexual orientation in forty years of Scouting, although I have heard of rare issues occurring elsewhere. It is a big world, after all. Now, I fully expect issues surrounding sexual orientation to increase simply because everyone is now focused on the subject. It will become big news from this point on.

For many years now, Scout leaders have been asked to attend a social sensitivity training program surrounding the subject of Diversity. It's called the Woodbadge Program. It is highly likely that such a program will have to be designed for the boys too. We wouldn't want to offend anyone by acting like boys in a Boy Scout program. Next thing you know, the gay rights folks are going to demand that the Scout Oath and Law be changed to omit "duty to God" and "morally straight." This will happen in the name of Diversity, just another code word for socially engineering every good, moral thing to Mediocrity!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy Now?

For all of you who have compromised your morals by voting to keep the government bucks traveling to your pockets, remember that you have also voted to kill unborn babies, pay for non-workers to continue to sit on their asses, opened the flood gates of illegal immigration, insured that prices at the pump and the grocery will skyrocket, wasted the lives of American soldiers by gutting the military budget, continued to send American jobs overseas, confirmed that China deserves to make the clothes on your backs and everything else, destroyed the ability of small businesses to grow and profit, killed the real estate market, given away the freedoms your forefathers died for in the name of cradle-to-grave government mandated healthcare, confirmed that you don’t mind eating substandard, non-domestic foods, getting poisoned by tainted drugs produced elsewhere, thrown away our country’s sovereignty, made us completely dependent on foreign energy, taken from the rich to give to the slovenly, etcetera., etcetera., etcetera. Take pride in being of the generation of Americans that turned this freedom-loving country into the United Socialist States of America as you continue to watch the trash pumped out on television to keep you entertained while you don’t work.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Real Science Fiction

I enjoy reading and writing science fiction stories. What I find most interesting about them is how the “science” depicted holds up over the years. For the umpteenth time, I just finished reading War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells. In this story of Martians invading Earth, written in 1895, Wells describes the alien creatures using a “heat ray” to cow humanity into submission. My family bought a microwave oven somewhere around 1975, the latest way to cook a fast meal. Microwaves could easily fall under the auspices of heat rays. So can sunlight and lasers, of course.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Love To Write

I love to write - always have. Some of my stories are completely true, while others are totally not. That's the way of non-fiction and fiction. As with all writers that keep plugging at the art, my work has been published here and there over a large number of years. I've authored opinion columns, short stories, s.f., children's poems, personal experience, Christian literature, and other speculative pieces. It's not the sale of my work that counts for me, although it's a great feeling when something does sell. Instead, I take great satisfaction from knowing that I have readers. Don't get me wrong, though. Money is good. If you find something here that you like, please purchase the download or make an offer as the case may be.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

                My computer was infected with an email virus eight weeks ago.  Since I’ve always been one for making proper backups of my data (cough, cough), I thought, smugly, that it was no big deal.  It was inconvenient that I would have to reload some programs; but all in all, I’ve been lucky, and have never lost anything major to a virus before.  It amazed me the amount of damage that little beastie wrought on my computer, and business network, in less than the blink of an eye.  For those of you new to the email arena, or with the latest and greatest anti-virus software and hardware, or even of veteran computer guru stature, I have a warning:  you are under attack!
Have you ever noticed how new shoes always have tangled, knotted, or halfway tied laces? It seems to me if the person inserting the laces had the time to make a mess out of them, he or she would also have the time to go ahead and do it right. In fact, you would think the manufacturer of the shoes would insist that their products leave the door in perfect condition. As with all products for sale, presentation is everything. Besides, I hate having to take the time to un-knot new shoelaces, then lace them properly myself.