Friday, September 7, 2012

Values That Built The Largest Middle Class

I am tired of hearing Obama talking about the “values that built the largest middle class and the strongest middle class in the world.” The values to which he has been referring, and he said so again in his 2012 DNC acceptance speech, are those of our WWII generation. He also follows up with “…and we want to use these values to keep building it up.” Well, Mr. President, I aspire to becoming more than simply middle class, or mediocre if you will. Maybe middle of the road works for you and your ilk, but not for me.
The values of the WWII generation, which I share as a child of 1960 because my father taught me those values, are those of hopes and dreams to become the best that we can possibly be by hard work, dedication, perseverance, honesty, integrity, and love of the Almighty God! Nothing in those values talks about leveling the playing field so everyone is the same – middle class. It talks about working hard to achieve and accomplish with NO END IN SIGHT, NO BOUNDRIES. The government of our great nation has become, thanks to the likes of Obama, an oppressive, law-laden, boondoggle and quagmire for the underachievers, the people who will not apply themselves to becoming better people. Obama promises to give middle class status to them although they haven’t earned it at the expense of those who put forth the effort to better themselves. Obama has made the term “middle class” synonymous with “proletariat” or simply “the workers.” We work, he plays. The entire liberal progressive attitude is as simple as that. Those who do not wish to apply themselves want to take from those who do. Our power-hungry politicians use this fact by creating laws based on the Robin Hood Syndrome – take from the rich and give to the poor. Unfortunately, the more you give to those who don’t work, the more they want, and the less they apply themselves. This is the travesty that our liberal progressives have created to keep themselves in power. The lazy people vote for politicians that will give them more. They don’t care one whit about whether they are considered “middle class” or not, only in getting their “fair share” without having to work for it. This makes Obama and the current Congress the most destructive force in our American history!

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