Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy Now?

For all of you who have compromised your morals by voting to keep the government bucks traveling to your pockets, remember that you have also voted to kill unborn babies, pay for non-workers to continue to sit on their asses, opened the flood gates of illegal immigration, insured that prices at the pump and the grocery will skyrocket, wasted the lives of American soldiers by gutting the military budget, continued to send American jobs overseas, confirmed that China deserves to make the clothes on your backs and everything else, destroyed the ability of small businesses to grow and profit, killed the real estate market, given away the freedoms your forefathers died for in the name of cradle-to-grave government mandated healthcare, confirmed that you don’t mind eating substandard, non-domestic foods, getting poisoned by tainted drugs produced elsewhere, thrown away our country’s sovereignty, made us completely dependent on foreign energy, taken from the rich to give to the slovenly, etcetera., etcetera., etcetera. Take pride in being of the generation of Americans that turned this freedom-loving country into the United Socialist States of America as you continue to watch the trash pumped out on television to keep you entertained while you don’t work.

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